Brews and big names coming to (r)Evolutionary Theology Conference

July 15, 2016, VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver’s first (r)Evolutionary Theology Conference: Re-Imagining God and the World (July 10-17, 2016) is putting a new spin on the theological talk, including a sold out podcast taping that also serves up craft beer.

“Vancouver has many people who are spiritual, but not religious per se,” says Trevor Malkinson, co-founder of the West Coast Centre for (r)Evolutionary Theology, the group that organized the Conference. “The good thing about this Conference is that it covers topics of interest to both religious and nonreligious groups, such as social justice, evolutionary thought, environmentalism and feminism, and it does it in a fun way that appeals to younger generations, as well as our longstanding supporters. I mean, we have a podcast event with craft beer!”

The weeklong Conference includes a course and public lecture on ecotheology; a live taping of Tripp Fuller’s Homebrewed Christianity podcast, featuring notable theologians John Cobb, Jay McDaniel and Sallie McFague; and a boot camp for theology nerds led by Fuller, Cobb and McDaniel at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in Downtown Vancouver. Space is still available for many of the public talks and workshops.

The Conference is also a springboard for the West Coast Centre for (r)Evolutionary Theology – a growing network of individuals who are creating a public forum for discussion about new ways of understanding and talking about God.

“The evolutionary spirituality we’re talking about through the West Coast Centre for (r)Evolutionary Theology is designed to help connect us with the earth and cosmos,” explains Malkinson. “This breaks the loneliness and isolation often found in modern societies, and has enormous healing potential for humans and the earth, including breaking addictions that stem from materialism and overconsumption.”

After the Conference, Malkinson and co-founder, the Very Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson, who is also the lead minister at St. Andrew’s-Wesley, want to continue to produce events, lecture series and resources through the Centre. Their aim is to support further exploration of the role of God in modern society and a Christian presence that advocates for justice, love and equality.

For more information and to register for events at the July 10-17 Conference, please visit:


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Marketing and Communications Specialist


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